My name is Ahmed Kamel and I’m passionate about quality meat. OK, it’s more than that. I love my family. I love my community. And man, oh man, I love to grill. But let me take a step back. This story doesn’t begin with me, it begins with my kids ...   

Few years ago, my kids, had cravings for tender, tasty jerky, with a hint of back home. After searching for months, I discovered that there was nothing in the market to satisfy their hankering for high quality, halal ingredients with a flavor that hit the spot. So, after much deliberation and a lot of research, my family and I launched the Mummified Jerky brand, offering zabihah halal jerky in mouth-watering flavors that fit our unique palate.    

When we launched the brand, we discovered there were thousands of families, just like ours, who wanted a healthier, tastier, halal-take on jerky, and we’re happy to say, the response was incredible, masha’Allah! The outpouring of love, support, and positive feedback really kept us going. But after a few years, we realized we wanted the same amazing flavor and quality in all of our meats and meals. Unfortunately, the halal butcher shops just didn’t offer the Western-style cuts of meat, sausages, and deli products we craved, so we decided to take matters into our own hands.   

So Carnivore House was born! Despite the challenges that all families and businesses face in the COVID-19 era, we decided that we had waited long enough. Our community deserves the best quality meat the Pacific Northwest has to offer, so we took a leap of faith. We have sourced the best farms - meeting high USDA standards of cleanliness, our community’s expectations for compassionate and proper care of animals, and the appropriate zabihah-halal finishing processes – and we’ve built our own meat processing plant, maintaining strict standards of sanitization, packaging, and processing, to bring you the quality, flavor, and selection of meat your family deserves.    

This is a truly exciting venture and we feel blessed to have the opportunity to meet this pressing for our community.We hope you will join us by spreading the word this effort today. Thank you and may all your meals be bountiful and blessed! 

Our Vision 

Carnivore House was born from a desire to not just improve accessibility to zabihah meats, but to offer our community better quality, cleaner, healthier, natural, zabihah halal meats in the cuts and styles that we’ve all grown to love. It is our dream to offer the best meats and poultry the Pacific Northwest has to offer, so that every home and every family can gather around a table and share a meal that feels good and tastes great.

From premium cut steaks, to juicy briskets, to gourmet sausages, and unique poultry offerings, we are dedicated to ensuring there are no limitations to your creativity in the kitchen or on the grill. 

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